About us

Mallorca Limpia S.L. born as a family business in the year 2008 in order to give the best service to our customers and always thinking about the environment and the recycling, both machinery and vehicles and boats of all kinds.

In the year 2014, We decided to expand services and credit us as official usual collaborators D.G.T. and how buying and selling 2nd hand vehicles, we provide all the necessary procedures to manage changes in ownership and low vehicle, saving our customers in D.G.T Appointment and management of stamp duty (model 620) in ATIB.

We offer our service collection, anywhere in Mallorca Island Free within vehicles and machinery and as for boats, budget presented to our customers, since the system tends to be more expensive to recycle the treated more polluting materials, as fiber, wood and other, requiring special treatment.

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Company with more than 15 years of experience
We are official partners of the DGT

Documentation transacted all types of vehicles

Make changes in ownership

Duplicates documentation

Registrations of vehicles with foreign registration

Data Sheets vehicle at the time

Low of vehicles for export, temporary and permanent

Requests and your budget