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The 23 percent of cars in Baleares do not exceed ITV inspection

Park considerably obsolete vehicles and ITV in Baleares with delays in passing the compulsory roadworthiness test. Here are some of the characteristics that have led to automotive repair shops Balearic billed an annual average of 56 million euros because of the need for repairs on vehicles after being rejected by ITV. The data are from the national employers dealer, Faconauto.

in Baleares, currently the 23 percent of vehicles on the islands, that is to say, some 122.000, They are diverted to the workshops Repair of being rejected by the roadworthiness.

These imperfections generate the auto shops on the islands billed annual measure 56 million euros for the repair of various parts which they prevented an MOT.

According to estudo of the Federation of Automotive Dealers (Faconauto), Baleares is the sixth autonomous community with the highest percentage of vehicles rejected.


President of the Balearic Association of Automotive Repairers & Boating (aberan), Julio González Arribas, It has been confirmed this percentage of vehicles that come to the ITV and rejected, though she says that “This percentage is very similar to what happens in other communities. We must bear in mind that There are many people who 'pass’ making the ITV when their share and then there are others who before passing the ITV leave their vehicles in the workshops and that make them pre-ITV so that later do not have problems”.

However, drivers are found with an added problem since, at present, average to pass the technical inspection of the ITV in Mallorca exceeds three months due to huge accumulated delays. This fact causes many drivers do not come to pass mandatory ITV.


Arribas González stresses that “we do not agree that it is said that the vehicle fleet is very old as it is in the average nationwide. further, we must bear in mind that in Baleares, because of its own geography, the distances are shorter. On the islands we can find vehicles 10 years old who have 100.000 kilometres, while in the peninsula where distances are longer, the average vehicle kilometers 10 years is 200,000″.

The report Faconauto, stresses that the ITV supposed to aftermarket 2.100 million year. This global, more than four 10 euros correspond to Andalusia, Madrid and Catalonia, communities with more income this way. The European legislation does not require to pass inspection where the vehicle is registered, so many drivers cross the autonomous LIMITS looking for more affordable prices.