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More of 500 Car repair work illegally in Baleares

Repairers of vehicles reported “the inaction of the Govern balear to the existence of more than 500 illegal workshops on the islands”. The industry says that this professional instrusismo can abocar close to numerous legal workshops. The high number of cars rejected by ITV, which have to make repairs to re-pass inspection- It has increased many illegal activity centers. further, incorporating high technology in new vehicles is causing many workshops can not make repairs, since the necessary machinery to execute this repair “It is extremely costly”.

Since the presidency of the Balearic Association of Automotive Repairers & Boating (aber), its head, Julio González Arribas, not hesitate to define as “chaos” the high professional intrusiveness that is suffering this sector in Baleares.

Speaking to, Arribas González anticipates that “nowadays, on the islands there are over 500 auto repair shops operating in the most absolute illegality. This is a mess. This massive intrusion situation we have denounced on numerous occasions and the Govern balear, although we have talked to all those responsible, none has been able to give us solutions”.

Aberán president warns that if you do not put a stop to this situation, with 500 illegal workshops roam freely “many legal businesses will be forced to close, something that is already beginning to occur”.

Arribas points out that the intrusion in the sector is due to many causes but became widespread “when the economic crisis began in the year 2007. At that time many people were laid off so some began to work in black. To all this must be added the massive influx of migrants also began to work illegally in this sector”.

Another problem that is putting in trouble the survival of many legal vehicle repair workshops is the introduction of high technology applied to the world of the automobile.

In this point, Arribas González stresses that “new vehicles constantly incorporate new technological applications. This is very nice, but at a workshop with few workers, not financially compensates having to buy the machinery needed to repair parts incorporated into the new technological applications”.

Thus, since employers are considering ways to allow shops to access grants to cover other machinery they need to address the flaws that occur in materials from the new technologies of the car.